Hello world!

by Shihang

I am…somebody. (Don’t you always feel apprehensive giving out your name? It seems everything is so much more personal if they know your name. And if people know each other on a personal level, the closeness seems to cause problems. It is embarassing and awkward. We definitely do not want that.)

I am a student, guitarist, critic, aesthete and all in all, lover of thought. In my head, I am a tormented genius, , a rock star, a Nietzschean free spirit, a “devil-may-care, lady-killing capitalist demigod”, a piercing definition of my age. I want to be Tony Stark, Albert Camus and Axl Rose at the same time.

I pretend to be misanthropic to be contrarian, rather like the father in Waugh’s Work Suspended.

I am atheist with a fear of an ambiguous higher being with a sense of humour not unlike mine.

I advertise myself as liberal, but am not a democrat.

I was/am from Raffles Institution; I therefore accept all common stigma associated with the brand.

I used to hate Obama, but no longer have a problem with Obama now that he has paid me my ten dollars.

I am a huge fan of Prince, Queen and David Bowie.

My favourtie singer is Freddie Mercury.

My favourite guitarist is BB King.

I think Jimi Hendrix is the nazz.

I love the blues, hard rock, metal and jazz.

I place myself at the centre of my own universe, and think it would be pretty stupid if you don’t do the same.

My favourite pop song is It’s Raining Men.

My favourite authors at present are Evelyn Waugh, Sinclair Lewis and Jack Kerouac.

I identify with Robert Downey Jr.’s Sherlock Holmes and Tony Stark.

I want to live in New York!

My life’s goal was to marry Emma Watson, then have an affair with Vanessa Hudgens. Now I just want to marry the one(s) I love.

I hope to get married thrice. The first time, I will be bitterly divorced from my true love. The second, we shall part amiably because we were too hasty before. The third time, I shall love and love and hopefully, it will carry me back to Ithaca.

I am interested in publishing and journalism. My favourite magazine is the Economist.

I can play the piano and guitar. I hope to learn the cello, violin, trumpet and drums.

My favourite website is youtube, where I can rewatch the Its Raining Men video for the umpteenth time.

I am interested in economics. I therefore note with some glee that most people in the stock market seem stupid. The financial markets fascinate me.

I would like to believe most people in general are intelligent, but their lapses in concentrations unleash unbridled stupidity on the world.

I think stupidity is the world’s strongest force. I hope love is second. I know genius is third.

What generation am I in again? If the world does indeed go in circles, I hope to be the generation that returns to Hellenic classicism, improved upon by post-modernism and nihilism. I already feel like a Dionysian aspect in an Apollonian world.

I’m not attached (you know who you are).

I would hate it if either the Jews or the Christians were right.