Harlem Gospel Choir

by Shihang

I concede that most of them can hold a tune.

I had a rather good time all things considered, although I found the sheer optimism a bit unsettling. The performance, aesthetically speaking, was well executed, and many of them were quite natural performers. The energy level was high and sustained throughout the rather energetic set. It was clear that the performers were having fun, and that definitely made the experience more enjoyable for the audience. Highlights included The Saints Are Marching In, a medley of three Christian songs, and a rather groovy song telling us the highest praise is Hallelujah.

A short note about Trinity Church. What kind of church has a glowing, colour-changing cross emblazoned on the outer wall? Does anybody else find it incredibly garish? Also, the whole rock concert atmosphere (with the drum set literally on the pedestal) unnerves me slightly, because it is so exuberant, so single-minded.  I have always believed a church to be a place of quiet, of thought, of resolution, of reconciliation, and I wonder whether one can truely be a thinking Christian if he is so busy singing and jumping up and down for the Lord, Hallelujah.

A lot of this brings back memories of St. Hilda’s and for those who remember, Auntie Doreen.