Wonder Woman

by Shihang

Wonder Woman is getting a reboot!

Just like everybody, I always implicitly disliked Wonder Woman. And at first, that just didn’t make sense to me. After all, she’s great fan service, and she is totally into this Dom/sub thing:

But there are many reasons to dislike her.  Topless Robot and The Domino Theory give us good reasons. Another personal pet peeve is how redundant she is in the JLA stories. She’s always the super strengthed one with the conscience. And although she has super powers, she never gives Batman a chance (bringing us back to the whole Dom/sub thing):

An interesting idea which my friend brought up is that Wonder Woman is not exactly a female superhero. It’s like she is a male superhero in disguise; her powers are all distinctly male. Super power, flight and martial prowess are all reductio ad absurdums of what are generally seen as male traits. Perhaps she can have natural networking skills, or instant likeability, or incredible organisational skills. Something along the lines of Sage from the X-Men.

Another nagging issue is of course her sexuality. The case is oft made, but I would also like to point out that she always seems to be into this kinky stuff. And she fits into this fetishist stereotype of the woman in power. Wonder Woman is obviously not this vanilla, heterosexual, All-American sexual model that DC makes her out to be. And if she does get rebooted as a lesbian dominatrix, she will likely pick up a few new fans.

If she does become lesbian, her partner will likely be in the Lois Lane, Gwen Stacey mould of female companions. And I think that will really add an edge of tenderness and verisimilitude into the story. For one, by investing in a romantic plotline, DC can give her good support characters, and in a way, make her less sexual. A heterosexual Wonder Woman has always been problematic. Being the ideal woman, what sort of man can ever be superior to her in any way?

The point is, being an ideal, a superhero, to be more than just an unsympathetic instrument of justice, needs an emotional foil to make him/her and his/her struggles more human. He/she needs to be emotionally uncertain, and the supporting characters must be his foil. Lois Lane, in her own way, bests Superman emotionally, and in this way, the two are certainly worthy of each other. Wonder Woman, being already a male exaggeration (as discussed above), cannot be complemented by a male romantic interest, who is unlikely to provide an emotional foil. Naturally, the man in disguise, Wonder Woman, needs a woman to be her companion. Her vulnerabilities are purely male, and it would be foolish to address them with yet another alpha male character.

Wonder Woman needs her Lois Lane.