by Shihang

I’m finally done with math. I think I squeaked out a 87+ score for Math paper 1, which frustrates me not least because I was absurdly careless. Paper 2 seems to be rather simple as well, which bodes well; hopefully some enterprising tuition teacher will post the answers online for me to have a look.

What do I think of no longer being obliged to do math? I’m pretty sure I will do it anyway, of my own accord when I am in university. Doing math is like doing chores: mildly annoying when forced to do it but mildly satisfying, even entertaining otherwise. It is one of the simpler things I study, and I wish I DID NOT PLAY SO MUCH POKEMON during my A-levels.

Oh look! Diglett is level 22!

A note or two on my math instruction throughout the years seems to be in order. In order, the math teachers I remember are: Mr. Dan Ang (from primary school), Mr. Jee (from sec 2), Vijay, and of course, Ms. Kong, who is wonderfully tolerant of my bullshit. Of these fine people, I have nothing but vague, but warm memories of frittered away class time, probably ill-spent drawing some comic or reading some book.

Vijay deserves special mention of course, for all the wrong reasons. Unlike others, I have since exhausted my vitriol and I no longer have anything against this man. Run free, little math teacher, and be happy among the stars, the wind and angry RI boys writing aggressive haikus about trees.