The Republicans ride in

by Shihang



From the latest issue of the Economist, some droll observations about the Republicans:

SIR – With regard to your cover (November 6th) showing the Republicans riding into town portrayed as the Magnificent Seven, it is worth noting that in the film only three of the seven gunslingers survived the ensuing fight. The survivors were: Steve McQueen (Mike Huckabee), Horst Buchholz (Marco Rubio) and Yul Brynner (Sarah Palin). All those placed on the right of your cover perished. Could there be a message here?

Michael Hunt
Prescott, Arizona

* SIR – The Republicans riding into Washington may think they are the Magnificent Seven, but they seem more like the Wild Bunch.

Iain Thomson

SIR – Your depiction of the Republicans was very appropriate: lots of noise, dust, horse manure, and all headed in the wrong direction.

Pat Green
Grangeville, Idaho

SIR – Could it be that the Republicans appear to be riding out of Washington because they are being led by Calamity Jane?

Steve Brickle
Arrauntz, France