Much Too Kind

by Shihang


“He is articulate, writes with flair and ensures he is well informed before committing himself to paper. In fact for Literature some of hisessays proved to be particularly entertaining due to his somewhat unconventional approach on occasions. Enjoying philosophical debate, he often applied this leaning to his literary analysis with intriguing results. He also has a very sophisticated, dry sense of humour which is unusual in Singapore, where a more child-like, slap-stick fare abounds. All told, such qualities combined characterise Shi Hang as something of a modern wit who impresses with his quickmind.

Shi Hang can deceive in appearing to be the strong, silent type. Yes, he is strong; in fact he cuts a fine figure of a young man in physical terms. But silent? On looking closely it is possible to see that the ‘silent’ impression he makes is choreographed according to the situation – he can be as vocal as the next man when the situation demands, but also knows when it is more appropriate to listen! Intellectual rigour, philosophical musings and a fine, often self-effacing wit all serve to personify Shi Hang. Add to that an integrity that ensures he has the courage not to tick allthe politically correct boxes, but the ones that he deems worthwhile and you see before you someone with a greatpotential to make a difference.”

Not too bad.