He said, he said

by Shihang

From Stiglitz:

“Those who have done well by market fundamentalism offer a different interpretation. Some say our economy suffered an “accident,” and accidents happen. No one would suggest that we stop driving cars just because of an occasional collision. Those who hold this position want us to return to the world before 2008 as quickly as possible.”


Well, if you were driving a car, and you bumped the fender or something, then perhaps giving up driving would be an overreaction. But if you destroyed every other car on the highway, and trashed the highway itself, perhaps we shouldn’t let you drive.

Also, an accident is either caused by human error or machine error. If its the driver’s fault, he is responsible and should be sanctioned. If its the car’s fault, anyone but an idiot would take the car to the garage to have it checked out. Either way, I don’t see the metaphor working.

From John Kay:

“Only by the pursuit of wealth was it possible to ‘leave footprints in the sands of time’.” John Kay paraphrasing Lester Thurow

Strangely enough, the only person who I can think of who is famous simply for being very wealthy is Andrew Carnegie. And the person from the Diamond as Big as the Ritz. Any ideas?