Arthur II

by Shihang

The Knight of the Two Swords:

The traitorous maiden, and offering the sword to Sir Balin
The tragedy of Sir Balin:
– Sir Launceor and his lover
– Capturing King Royns
Sir Pellinore kills King Lot
– The invisible knight
– Sir Balin stabs King Pelham with the spear of Longinus, and collapses (also sees the body of Joseph of Arimathea)
– Sir Garnish kills his lover and himself
– Sir Balin slays his brother in single combat and dies himself

The Wedding of King Arthur:

King Arthur marries Guinevere and acquires the round table
Sir Gawain and Sir Torre are knighted
2 unfilled seats
Sir Gawain’s first quest, the stag and mercy
Sir Torre’s first quest, the brachet, killing Sir Arbellus and judgment
Sir Pellinore and his quest of the woman taken by force, and thoughtless haste
Nyneve is brought to court

The Death of Merlin:

Merlin falls in love with Nyneve
Merlin meets  Lancelot
Nyneve is disgusted by Merlin and seals him in a rock
King Arthur defeats the five kings
Sir Bagdemagus earns his place at the table

Morgan Le Fay:

King Arthur and his band are lost in the woods, finds a cabin and are drugged
King Arthur duels on behalf of Sir Damas, and Sir Accolon duels on behalf of Sir Outlake
King Arthur flags in the duel against Sir Accolon as Sir Accolon wields Excalibur and the enchanted scabbard
Nyneve of the Lake intervenes in the duel between Arthur and Accolon
Morgan le Fay fails to kill Sir Uryens, but he is saved by his son Sir Ewain
Morgan le Fay escapes, steals King Arthur’s enchanted scabbard and throws it into a lake