iPod capacity

by Shihang

Make iPods with more memory!

Yesterday, my iTunes unhelpfully pinged when I was trying to sync my iPod. I had just downloaded a Paco de Lucia album and was hoping to listen to it on the way home, but apparently my iPod is now full.

I always knew the day would come, but the speed of its coming surprised me. At first, I was in denial. Well, it’s a 120 GB iPod. Then, guilt and remorse. I had been pushing it so hard. Loading over 100 GB of music onto its fragile little hard drive. Yes, it’s meant to store and play music. Yes, about 10 GB was devoted to less important things like not music. But still! It’s part of the family! I had secret plans to assassinate my brother and replace him with my iPod.


Then I turned to anger, and raged, raged against the tiny thing. Oh unfaithful iPod, how dare you reject this teensy (probably not very exciting as well, those fucking flamenco widdlers) album! After all I have done for you! I even accepted the free leather case you came with! Tell you what, if you get rid of Klondike, I promise I’ll do my part and delete the pirated Britney Spears album sneakily marked “SCPA” (not an acronym for some cheap pirated album).

It did not respond. And at that point, I was too tired to arbitrarily progress through the stages of grief and just left it at that.