Not Going Out

by Shihang

I have a recommendation, dear reader(s)! I’ve been engrossed by Lee Mack’s excellent sitcom Not Going Out recently, and you’ll be pleased to learn that it is a comedy and that it is excellent. It has a robust pace, features well-written scenes, and entertains with top notch, rapid-fire jokes from likeable characters.

I’ve recently finished the first season (6 episodes), and that was excellent. For some reason, having an American as the lead was very exciting, but Lucy is a welcome addition. While Miranda Hart (Barbara) is a wonderful comedic actress, her character seems a bit loss, her role ultimately less meaningful and more slapstick. There is something very workmanlike and slightly formulaic about each episode too, but for some reason, I’m reluctant to see it as a bad thing.

But why trust me? The first joke is already wonderful:

Btw, the theme song is great!