Things I Hate (1)

by Shihang

It is some mystery to me why I hate the things I do. It is definitely quite irrational, but then again, rationality is hardly an asset when you believe the liquidation of these morons to be a moral imperative:

  • Politicians
  • Lawyers
  • Litigation culture
  • People who like animals
  • Humanists
  • People who shush people in libraries
  • Chavs in popular culture
  • The Christian right
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Teo Chee Hean
  • People who exhort others to “grow a pair of balls”
  • People who make a big deal of hating math
  • People with irregular meal choices and/or schedules
  • People who write angry letters to governments/organisations
  • People who support the PAP
  • People who hate the PAP
  • People who go nuts for “family”
  • Homophobes, xenophobes and intolerant assholes (WHAT SELF-AWARENESS LALALA)
  • People who talk too much
  • Science fiction
  • Anything to do with animals really, but not really animals per se
  • On that note, Cats
  • On that note, musicals
  • Silly people
  • Serious people
  • Myself
  • People who complain about lists, the making of or the concept or the list itself
  • Chauvinists (We’ve lost, guys. If we go on, it’ll just be embarrassing.)
  • Market failure
  • Macho culture
  • Males

Some of these are self explanatory (up yours, monopolistic, anti-competitive, pharmaceutical giants!), but some, I have no idea. Like, what’s wrong with chavs in popular culture?