Wasp cake theory

by Shihang

Vic, who is so brainy that Igor will require two jars, has written this excellent article criticising Tin Pei Ling. Pei Ling, of course, is a candidate so vacuous that people don space suits just to get near her.

However, the PAP’s sheer idiocy in this matter gives one pause for thought. Can the PAP really be so utterly moronic as to believe that the ability to sign-up for facebook makes Pei Ling a viable candidate? (ans: yes) But I personally subscribe to the wasp cake theory:

Tin Pei Ling: humiliating gaffe or insidious plot?

Update: I realise that Tin Pei Ling might not be aware if the PAP is using her as a wasp cake! Oh the cruelty! Cynical, dastardly hypocrites using young, eager politicians as meat shields for their own incompetence!