Digestion, Conversation and Non-action

by Shihang

Ideally, by the end of these three months, I should have the technical know-how to confidently build a mini space shuttle. I dreamed of becoming a master of machines, humiliating generations of engineers before me by reinventing the basic of human appliances. Within weeks, I should be able to improve the power output of the basic car engine tenfold, I thought, and perhaps, invent a little gadget to turn iron into gold.

I’m pleased to report that these projects are right on schedule, if I can indeed build all these with a working knowledge of teamwork and workplace safety. I suspect that this may be possible. After all, why else would the SAF spend 1/12 of our time in Yew Tee teaching us these things if they turn out to be less useful than a codpiece in a seafood restaurant?