Punch and Judy

by Shihang

As usual, I have been less excited than most other people about Occupy Wall Street, and I’m again not sure why. I was partly wrong about Libya (I thought it would be far more long drawn war) so that’s a promising precedent. But I’m still waiting to be proven wrong about how hard it is to actually get a functional and democratic government working in the medium term. And about Occupy Wall Street. I’m quite troubled about its lack of a coherent direction. I don’t think the world some of them are advocating is particularly workable. (Although I would think it’s about as plausible and workable as the tax haven Tea Partiers are pushing.) My impression has been that this is a revolution about social justice and its long neglected place in our social compact. It is about people who have stuck to the system and found it held up by people with a blatant disregard for decency. If you were to come up with a set of goals, it would be something like:

1. Explore possible scenarios for a post-capitalist society.

2. Social justice in economic outcomes is more important than economic efficiency.

3. Unemployment matters.

4. Eradicate poverty.

5. Fix inequality.

6. Less professional lobbying.

My six cents.