Work Work

by Shihang

I am existing in this peculiar stage of half-expectation: that is there is something to look forward to in the horizon but it is so far off that it hasn’t registered yet, such that I still feel enveloped by an immobilising miasma. I predict that life would be a lot more rosy after I get my laptop back from the shop and when that blasted letter finally comes.

Till then, I guess it’s just day to day work and reading that occupies me. I am working as a technician for some sort of dino-tank, and it’s one of those things that I like and dislike in equal measure. On one hand, it’s terribly hard work and it gets tiresome and weary. But yet there is a sense of accomplishment when you have dislodged a stubborn brake caliper, connected a tricky cable and changed an inconveniently placed filter. It makes me feel a little grown up wading around in 5 different types of oil without flinching. Pathetic, I know.

Today is one of the better days, when I do not feel generally degenerate sitting around with Dutt and Kenneth all the time. I’m glad to say today I contorted and twisted around in the belly of the beast with the best of them. A little futile in the grand scale of things but at least I managed to feel a little deluded for one more day.