by Shihang

Do you know how your life seems to get better year on year? Well, me neither. All things considered, 2011 was a pretty shit year and 2012 promises to be even worse. So hurrah everybody! Let’s hope the world doesn’t end before I go to college!

So here are some of the things that made 2011 what it was:

1) Interning

I really loved 9 to 5 at Clarke Quay. Isn’t it terribly grown-up to pick up a coffee before heading to your desk to finish some reports before lunch? Not to mention meeting some good friends there: Mel, Zhan Sheng and getting to know some old ones better.

2) BMT

Read earlier post. ‘Nuff said.

3) Friends leaving for college

Ahh. I used to hear planes fly over Tekong and wish that I was on one of those. I was really heartbroken when Crystal and Joyce left for college, and left me feeling rather listless in this ruin. 1 year and 4 months to go.

4) Reading way too much


5) Discovering that comics store

I realised that there is a really pleasant comic book store in Dhoby Ghaut and one of my chief pleasure this year has been to visit it weekly or fortnightly for my comic book fix.

There’s a lot to like in the comic world in 2011. The new Wonder Woman reboot is really sizzling. Hey it’s the new year! Here’s a picture:

Generation Hope is also pretty promising, especially with this cool new character:

6) Army friends and enemies

Some really cool people like Dutt and Nikhil and Ruihan and others. Some tolerable people (here’s looking at you, Kenneth). And then, the Aravinds and the Marcuses who just seem a little hostile. Here’s to a big hearty shrug.

7) Blogosphere and generally exciting, if depressing year

All eyes on you 2012. 2011 threw quite a tantrum and there’s no lack of loose ends to be picked up in this new year!

Happy New Year everybody!