New (comic review) blog!

by Shihang

Guys, I have a new blog. In it, I’ll be reviewing anything to do with comics, web-comic recommendations, issues, trade paperbacks, everything.

I have been reading comics for over a year now. At first, I was drawn to buying comics by my local library which had a pretty well-stocked comic book section. So, my first picks were flagship titles by DC and Marvel, stuff like Defenders #1, Avenging Spider-Man and the New 52 Batman and Wonder Woman.

Over time however, my tastes grew more eclectic, and I started pulling titles that fewer people at my store read, stuff put out by Image, Dark Horse, IDW, the smaller publishers. I noticed that these comics don’t really receive as much attention on comic book review sites like Comic Book Resources or Weekly Comic Book Reviews. That’s a shame because really, some of these titles are pretty incredible, while DC and Marvel often struggles to maintain a standard on all but a few titles. The comic book medium deserves more than to be monopolised by a few companies making money off male fantasy and fan service.

You can pop over here, and it will be updated more often than I do here. After all, nothing is happening in my life right now, so I occupy myself by being concerned about what happens in others’ (fictional ones).