This blog started as an experiment with a then new and popular technology, and has had an uneasy existence since. At first, it was updated irregularly and the posts were either shorts recounting some current fancy that caught my eye or apologetic notes on how I had been neglecting this ‘space’, as if it was because of some sort of sloth.

The fact of the matter is, and that the wreckage of personal diary blogs that litter the blogosphere attests to, not many people are natural bloggers. When faced by some artificial impetus to write something, people often write about themselves, and the blog is often too open a platform for people to be comfortable with the sort of writing demanded to keep people interested in a blog, the confessional quality necessary for a sense of sincerity.

I have given up on that now. This is not a personal blog, in the sense that I discuss my experiences. A little consciously, I have decided to make it a sort of review blog, where I react to books, movies, TV shows, articles, events, comics, music and so forth, hopefully in a way such that a little of my mind is apparent to the reader. After all, we grow bored of the generalities that are so easy and unfruitful to produce.

About the author

I was born in 1992, the year Yeltsin and Bush declared the Cold War over, the Maastricht treaty was signed, creating the Euro, and the CCP started on some free market reforms, continuing its transformation into a free market economy.

Not that I noticed any of that. Childhood in China is nothing if not insular, and at the age of two, I moved to Singapore with my parents. I grew up in Singapore where I have lived till the present without developing any sense of allegiance to any country. I am now currently living in the United Kingdom, where I am a PPE undergraduate at the University of Oxford.


* Interests before 10 September 2014*

I am interested in three things: knowledge, comedy and music. My dream is to be a tenured professor who occasionally releases well-reviewed albums and performs semi-regularly at the Edinburgh Fringe. I would include achieving a work-life balance, meeting someone I am genuinely in love with and starting a happy family, but I don’t want to be greedy.

My favourite stand-up comic is Dara O’Briain. My favourite sketch show is probably the Mitchell and Webb Look. I love comedy panel shows: Have I Got News for You, Mock the Week, QI, Would I Lie to You, the whole lot. My favourite panelist is David Mitchell. I also enjoy quizzes.

I like to think I’m rather well-versed in music and favour rock, jazz and blues. I do like the primal aggression of metal, the quirkiness and inventiveness of Baroque pop and the sludgy riffs of grunge. That said, I’ve enjoyed soul, techno, industrial, funk and pop. Favourite song? Come As You Are by Nirvana probably comes close.

* UPDATE 10 September 2014*

Recently, I have had some free time and decided to try to write a little more regularly on this own blog, which over the years, has become a rather extensive collection of my juvenilia. I have decided to update this about section on my interests for I think they have changed somewhat. While I am still very fond of music, I have started to watch less television. I still enjoy clever things that are funny. I just have less time for them.

I guess I still want to become an academic, although the closer I am to financial independence, the more daunting the thought becomes. Not daunting in the sense of it being difficult, but daunting in the sense of it being locked in, as it were, to something. Time will tell.