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Cajun Moon

I was listening through a JJ Cale greatest hits when I came across this gem which I have missed before:

So I went on youtube to listen to other versions.

Randy Crawford has a pretty good version.

Herbie Mann feat. Cissy Houston:


Move over Yngwie

To quote an eminent philosopher whose name escapes me, shit just got real.

Aerosmith is back!

Aerosmith is back and they brought a rocking set list with them.

Wish I could be at Download!

Is it just me

or is youtube’s latest “sensation” just too much noise? His piano is terrible and his singing is meh.

I’ll stick┬áto checking out this kid instead:

He played with Ozzy!

The Dead Weather

Jack White is back with the Dead Weather, his third band after the White Stripes and the Raconteurs. Check out their new single, Die by the Drop:

While I’m a huge fan of Jack White and the band as a whole, did everyone notice that Alison Mosshart had some very Lady Gaga-like make-up on? And the music video is so strange, with the smoke, the masks and the out of body special effect. I personally like it immensely!

Their new album will only be in Singapore next week!

(Speaking of which, we still haven’t got Black Rock by Joe Bonamassa. Stupid Singaporean music retailers.)

Happiness is a Warm Gun

Bernanke, in a rather sweet speech, teaches us marginal utility theory, although the economists will have heard it all before. To quantify AND qualify in economic terms is too complex and vague to be helpful, but it does provide a useful explanation of human existence.

Of course, John Lennon has his own take on the issue: