Other Things to See

My Other Blogs:

Work Suspended: For Comics (a blog about my love for comic books)


Articles I have written floating around the internet include:

Housing Singapore (which was published in the Straits Times)

The Pussification of Hamlet (discussing the origins of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, title not my idea)

Clambering out of the rabbit hole (in which I play the Devil’s advocate. I don’t really believe so.)

The Technology Myth (about an article written by Kenneth Rogoff)

A new land of immigrants (essay for the Economic Society of Singapore. Won a “special prize”. *sceptical*)

My PSC application essay (I applied in 2011, and did an interview with them (so this could be considered a successful essay since my CV wasn’t great). I didn’t get the scholarship in the end, but 3 years on, I do think I’m glad for it. Nevertheless, it may be helpful to anyone applying to the scholarship in years to come. In retrospect, I do agree with the second commenter on the piece; I was in a worse place then, and was dismissive and angry in general. For all applicants in the years to come, do think carefully about whether the scholarship is right for you. I have too many friends who now regret it, 3 years on, and you might too.)